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Modern Training Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

NXLevel creates sales and clinical eLearning, strategic microlearning, workshops, and interactive programs that enhance retention and improve performance. For the medical writers, instructional designers, graphic designers, and developers at NXLevel, continuous learning isn't just a buzz phrase, it's an evidence-based approach that leads to lasting results.

Our Services

eLearning With Meaning

We view eLearning through an uncommon set of lenses. We combine research-backed learning methodologies with modern instructional principles and elegant creative design to create courseware that pulls learners into the training and maximizes engagement.

Microlearning That Works

The life sciences training industry is abuzz with microlearning, and for good reason. It works. We understand that micro doesn’t just mean smaller courses. We see it as the opportunity to deploy nuggets of learning content, in multiple forms, to help increase retention and solve the “forgetting problem.”

Workshops that engage

We create team-based activities that stimulate cooperation and friendly competition. Our workshop frameworks wrap learners in realistic, job-based scenarios, with high-energy practice activities that drive the development of new skills. No more “PowerPoint overload!”

Making Mobile Matter

Your learners are mobile. That’s why the instructional designers and development teams at NXLevel Solutions configure training content for delivery on the devices that fit your learners’ lifestyle. Our eLearning, microlearning, interactive exercises, and assessments go mobile seamlessly to help deliver training where your learners need it most – in the field and at their fingertips.

Curriculum Analysis and Redesign

Are you confident in your curriculum? The rush to continually deploy up-to-date training, covering a milieu of topics, leads to a convoluted curriculum with gaps and redundancies. Our curriculum analysis and redesign process helps ensure the accurate training is deployed to the correct audiences at the appropriate frequency.

Our Products

Competitive Product Comparison Tool

The Competitive Product Comparison Tool (CPCT) is a self-paced online learning program designed to help sales representatives increase their knowledge of competitive products and enhance sales performance in the field. CPCT raises a rep’s understanding of the competitive landscape through a hands-on, interactive learning and reinforcement experience that challenges their competitive product knowledge.

CPCT is customized with the data related to the products your sales team needs to understand to compete in the field. Content is based on the clinical data found in the package insert (PI) for each product you include. That data can include therapeutic targets, FDA-approved indications, route of administration, patient outcomes, safety data, and more. Contact Pete Sandford at psandford@nxlevelsolutions.com to see a demo of the Competitive Product Comparison Tool!

Document Explorer

Document Explorer is revolutionizing PI, IFU, and clinical studies training! Document Explorer is an easy-to-deploy tool that helps your reps remember the key facts they need to make HCP interactions more successful.

Document Explorer features annotated, interactive icons that highlight the content you want reps to retain and recall in the field. Users simply swipe through each page of the PI and select the icons that align with each important clinical highlight, key point, efficacy message, safety note, or glossary term. It’s simple, it’s just in time, and it makes a difference in your team’s conversations and selling messages.

You don’t want to miss a chance to see Document Explorer in action, so contact us for your demo today!

Intela Microlearning Platform

Intela™ is a personalized microlearning platform that uses the latest in cognitive science research to increase content retention, decrease a learner’s time to competency, and improve learning.

Intela™ makes microlearning easy! The cloud-based platform combines reinforcement sprints, contests, microlessons, and assessments into one delivery system. Research shows that those four strategies dramatically reduce the forgetting curve to help learners transfer new skills to the job more effectively. Visit the Intela™ website to see how the platform can help you increase training retention among your learners!

Access LMS™

Access LMS™ is a customizable and streamlined alternative to costly learning management systems. When you need a ready-to-launch system to house and deliver global training, or a secure solution for your corporate integrity agreement training, Access LMS™ provides a streamlined user experience, from registration to completion, and tracking of training assignments.

Access LMS™ offers the flexibility of self-registration by individual users, single sign-on for corporate accounts, or you can provide us with a roster for bulk upload. Once the registration process is completed, learners access the materials assigned to them, view the status of assignments, review their assessment score and completion dates, and print certificates of completion for eLearning modules. Contact us to schedule a demo!

Third-Party Training Portals

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, efficient, platform to deliver third-party training, NXLevel offers customized portals to house critical policies, eLearning, read and signs, and related training material. The portals are built on a framework that allows vendors to access the training without the need to extend your enterprise LMS outside of the company and gives you the full reporting capability you need to track and document that training.

Contact us to schedule a demo and see how our training portals can help extend the reach of your global training.

Alternative Reality Challenge

Think adventure…think suspense…and imagine the learning possibilities as your learners work together to solve the Alternative Reality Challenge (ARC)! ARC is a blended (online and live) program that allows participants to engage in physical and virtual environments to reinforce existing knowledge, learn new skills, collaborate with peers, and share information in a competitive environment.

In the “online” phase of ARC, participants are introduced to the key information, instructions, resources, and virtual characters involved in their challenge. They are also provided a series of clues (emails, call notes, text messages, etc.) about the scenario they'll need to resolve during the live session. Once at the workshop, participants are divided into teams and work together to build a presentation that best solves their challenge. Best of all…it’s all built from your content and based on your learning objectives!

Contact us for a demo and let us show you how the Alternative Reality Challenge can help you infuse more fun, creativity and learning into your plan of action program.


NXLevel Solutions focuses exclusively on the life sciences. We speak your language and we understand how to create training that enhances learning and raises retention rates for pharmaceutical and medical device learners.


Life sciences sales training is in our DNA. Whether the content is selling skills, clinical, disease state or product-based, we blend up-to-date instruction design methodologies with continuous learning concepts to create training that has a lasting impact on performance.


At NXLevel Solutions, our focus is always the learner. Our continuous approach to systems and process training offers a more engaging and higher-impact experience. When systems training is delivered across a learner’s timeline, retention levels rise.


Your Medical Affairs employees are different from your sales representatives. We get that. That’s why we blend core, event-based learning like eLearning and workshops, with reinforcement tools like microlearning, resource apps, and assessments to create role-specific training curricula that speak directly to every learner's needs.

Our Clients: A Rich History of Life Sciences Excellence

We are proud to count some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies among our clients. We have partnered with over 60 large, mid-sized, and emerging pharmaceutical and medical device companies to deploy training to hundreds of thousands of their employees.

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To learn more about our services and products, or see a demo, please contact Pete Sandford at psandford@nxlevelsolutions.com or 609-483-6880.

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