Performance Support

NXLevel's performance support tools provide learners the critical reminders needed to keep compliance policies and best practices top of mind as they conduct their daily activities.

Policy Microsite

As an alternative to an app, which requires costly updates using a vendor, a microsite is a customizable one-stop resource for your employees to access the compliance guidance necessary to conduct their daily activities. It offers you the ability to continuously update the content as your policies are revised over time. We create your custom version of the microsite with your content and branding. As an alternative to typical PDF’s, the microsite uses menu-based and search navigation and can integrate a variety of dynamic elements, such as video, animation, hyperlinks, and embedded PDFs.

Third-Party Training Portal

Our third-party portal is a simplified way to deliver required training and policies to your distributors and vendors. It offers a secure self-registration feature to simplify your administration and ensure that no unwanted visitors can access the site. To address the needs of a global audience, the portal interface is available in multiple languages, selectable from the registration and home pages. As with our Access LMS, the portal needs minimal setup time, so we can have it up and running for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Job Aids and Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

Job aids and QRGs are used as just-in-time resources for those who need to reference official company policies when they are unable to access the full document. They are typically used when staff attend conferences or meetings with physicians or health plan decision-makers, and while attending speaker programs. Examples include PDF documents and summary sheets listing valuable highlights from core training. For more complex content, we create interactive PDFs with a hyperlink menu system for navigating the document.

Intranet Banners

Sometimes all that’s needed are timely reminders to keep employees on track. We can create banners that you can post and rotate on the compliance page of your company intranet to keep key compliance principles top of mind.