NXLevel workshops are blended experiences, with learners immersed in scenarios built from your company’s content and business practices. Choose from one of our available frameworks or we can create a custom design to align with your meeting theme.

Compliance Reality Challenge

The Compliance Reality Challenge (CRC) is a unique workshop gives you the opportunity to present new compliance concepts and reinforce existing knowledge through a collaborative, information-sharing environment. The workshop reinforces employees’ understanding of compliance policies and principles by engaging them in realistic, job-based scenarios. The Compliance Reality Challenge includes two scored activities: the Compliance Sprint; and the Compliance Mystery.

Compliance Escape Room

The customizable Compliance Escape Room workshop is a topical and team-oriented activity designed to capture the attention of commercial teams and raise the level of learning during live or virtual training sessions. The Compliance Escape Room is easily customized with content focused on your highest risk situations and the most pressing decisions experienced by your sales, marketing, and medical teams. To ‘escape’ each room, learners are required to review the clues and successfully answer policy and principle related questions regarding the situations depicted in those rooms. It’s a timely and fun way to reinforce your key compliance lessons and concepts!

Custom Themed-Based Workshops

We develop custom workshops thematically and graphically intended to align with our clients’ overarching conference themes. Workshop content can be pulled from your company’s compliance policies and modified accordingly by our instructional designers, or we can build interactive scenarios from our existing eLearning content based on the topics you’d like to cover. The final “workshop-in-a-box” deliverable includes a fully designed PowerPoint deck as well as a presenter’s guide with detailed instructions and tips for maximizing the time available for discussions.