Compliance Training Games

The suite of compliance training games from NXLevel are available for live deployment or through your LMS, and they are easily customized to suit your needs and objectives. So just choose a game from our suite and turn your next compliance reinforcement training program into a fun, effective, and engaging learning activity for your entire team!


Reinforce critical compliance concepts and policies with the only official JEOPARDY! training game available! JEOPARDY! is a proven and popular learning format your sales reps and supporting staff will be excited to play. It can be played in single player mode or with an instructor in a live or virtual group setting.

JEOPARDY! includes rounds for JEOPARDY!, Double JEOPARDY!, and Final JEOPARDY! and we can populate the questions with content from our library of compliance training courses or your own company content.

An optional leaderboard is even available to measure results and take the competition to another level. When your team competes, they retain what you need them to know!


Scramble is a timed word and sentence puzzle designed to help players recall and remember compliance terms, definitions, and key points.

Scramble offers two modes: Word Scramble and Sentence Scramble. In Word Scramble, players are presented with a compliance-focused sentence that is missing a word and a pool of mixed-ups letters they need to use to form the missing word.

In Sentence Scramble, players are presented with a group of words and asked to arrange them in a logical order to form the sentence…all before the timer expires and they lose points! It’s the ideal solution for deploying engaging training and keep compliance tips and best practices top of mind.


Create simple or complex role play situations with Scenarios! In Scenarios, players navigate realistic compliance situations and test their decision-making capabilities based on that content. We’ll help you create 3-4 dialogue options for each discussion point and each decision by a player leads to a positive, neutral, or negative outcome.

Scenarios can be linear in form, or they can feature more complex branching – it’s your choice! Scores are tracked through a system that awards points for the best decisions. It’s the ideal tool for reinforcement training on the tricky aspects of your team’s interactions with healthcare professionals!

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